Secure & Efficient Peer-to-Peer Barter

#BuiltOnEOSIO blockchain technology.

We've concluded a successful closed beta test with simulated P2P trading. Now we're gearing up for live launch.  

Launching August 2020. Enter your name & email to join in live P2P barter. 

March 2020 Development Update - Beta is here!

We’re happy to announce the TradeStuff Beta is now ready for testing with simulated trades. It now features multilateral trade routing, facilitated on-chain by smart contract-based rules that are provably fair, secure and efficient.


Starting March 31, 2020, US residents were able to join our testnet and experience blockchain-based simulated (make-believe) P2P2P bartering, to help us identify bugs and provide valuable feedback in preparation for launch. We learned a lot. Thank you for all who participated.

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Trade Securely & Confidently

Trade Stuff Individually or In Bundles,

Directly or Indirectly

Dynamic, complex trade mapping on a decentralized distributed ledger allows users to participate in trade involving non-reciprocal stuff in different quantity and/or value; a trade otherwise likely impossible. In the below example, all users send and receive the same total value of stuff, but involve different users and different quantity & value of individual stuff. This gives liquidity to the value of stuff, unlocking its purchasing power.

No Coincidence of Wants? No Problem!

TradeStuff expands user trade options otherwise limited by a "coincidence of wants", by extending trade options through indirect trade routes as shown in the first illustration. Further, a user does not need to own stuff wanted by the owner of wanted stuff, as illustrated on the right. 


Why Trade Stuff?

We all have stuff we don't want or need anymore. Rather than letting it sit around gathering dust, or having to go through the effort of selling it, use it to acquire stuff you do want and need with TradeStuff! One user's trash is another user's gold! Unlock the value of your unwanted and unneeded possessions, otherwise wasted, turning the value of your stuff into purchasing power. 

TradeStuff revives the worlds oldest method of exchange by solving many of the challenges affecting the practical application and widespread adoption of trade without the use of money; allowing you to trade stuff efficiently and securely.


Here are a few inspiring stories and quotes supporting the use case of barter:

The Story of One Red Paperclip

In 2005, a man by the name of Kyle MacDonald managed to trade one red paperclip to kickoff a series of fourteen trades, ultimately trading up to become a homeowner. Kyle placed an ad on Craigslist, a classified ads website, with the intention of trading for something better. He began by trading his red paperclip for a “fish pen”, then the pen for a door knob, the door knob for a camping stove, and so on, continuing to trade up in value, ultimately trading up to a house in Kipling, a small town in the Saskatchewan province of Canada. 


Nicholas Negroponte, Founder and Chairman of Emeritus of MIT's Media Lab states:

“A parallel and more intriguing form of trade in the future will be barter. Swapping is a very attractive form of exchange because each party uses a currency that is devalued for them i.e. an unwanted possession, that otherwise would be wasted. The most stunning change will be peer–to–peer, and peer–to–peer–to–peer- ...”

Existing Demand in Moneyless Trade

The International Reciprocal Trade Association estimates 2015 annual retail "moneyless" trade volume to be in the 2.4 to 2.8 billion dollar range. This trade volume occurs despite inefficiencies with current internet based barter forums, directories and socially-powered applications in use today that still require inefficient verbal negotiations, a coincidence of wants, have no security, and come at cost to users.

In 2008 began as a forum intended as a temporary "parking page". Unexpectedly by 2014, the forum had grown to over 80,000 registrations organically, without any marketing or promotion.

Project Roadmap


About TradeStuff

The concept of TradeStuff started as a vision of an efficient, systematic barter ecosystem that would provide solutions to the challenges preventing the widespread adoption of moneyless trade; bringing benefit to people around the world by effectively turning the value of owned stuff into "purchasing power".

TradeStuff is a decentralized application that makes secure and efficient barter possible by introducing innovative solutions built using EOSIO blockchain technology, a powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications which allows asynchronous, parallel processing of transaction & recording of activity on a provably fair and transparent distributed ledger.


It makes possible innovative features such as decentralized management and legally-binding "Ricardian Smart Contracts" which are legible both by humans & machines, and can process a contract's logic in a provably fair and transparent way. 

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